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Article 10: The 2d only exists as a concept.

The plane exists only as an intellectual concept; in physical reality on any scale we can find a flat surface. With the development of Cartesian and Euclidean geometry, much of the development of the theoretical mathematics of physics has been derived from a 2-dimensional plane, from a plane model of reality. The geometry taught in schools and universities is extremely limited in its ability to describe observable phenomena.

The conceptual framework of modern physics is still based primarily on a 2-dimensional plane space of Euclidean mathematics. In fact, the scientific descriptions of the Universe by contemporary physicists are surprisingly sustained in a flat universe. This is despite the fact that there is no object in the real universe where we can find a plane, and when contemporary physicists are asked what thickness that plane has, its response is “infinitely flat”. An undeniably wrong conception.

The Unified Theory of N. Haramein says that in the center of the Sun there is a black hole that exerts the gravitational force of all the planets and in the center of the Earth also there is a black hole that creates the force of gravity and due to the size of the black hole and that we are at a specific distance, it keeps us stuck to the Earth without sucking us, while the electromagnetic forces of the sky keep us erect.

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