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Article 12: However, modern physics has a flat universe as a paradigm .

We can reduce as Aristotle said “reduction ad infinitum”, as long as we are able to relate each individual part with the totality that composes it. Rene Descartes has been considered a genius for his work as he helped develop the reductionist and separatist vision between consciousness and matter that has persisted through centuries. The Cartesian coordinate system of using mathematical surfaces of simplified geometry in two dimensions is used in our day to describe the geometry of space. This technique of visualizing space / time as a two-dimensional grid is erroneous since it is visualized as a mathematical abstraction by the omnidirectional contraction of a 4D lattice around a massive object in space / time. Therefore, describing our reality using 2d reticles will only lead to problems, for example, with the notion that we live in a flat universe. Thought as retrograde as thinking of a flat Earth. The universe obeys the condition of a double toroid like a black hole.

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