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Article 13: ¿Dónde se origina la visión reduccionista?.

The philosophical and scientific concepts originated by Descartes laid the foundations for a general vision that continues to this day. Some of the important concepts that emerged from the Cartesian reductionist approach that are still dominant in the scientific vision we have are that the universe is composed of material objects that can be analyzed by a continuous reduction of those objects in the small parts that compose it; therefore, we can find the root or cause of every material source by seeing the smallest fundamental structures; objects in space are independent entities, separated from each other and independent of the space in which they exist; The two-dimensional Cartesian mathematical model provides a framework for simplified reference through which the physical system can be analyzed although never two-dimensional objects have been found in the real Universe). As we mentioned earlier, the Cartesian, materialist and dualist reductionist model is the root of the disconnected vision prevalent in our society.

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