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Article 14: Scientific measurements in Geobiology.

Geobiology is a discipline that studies the interaction between the Earth and living beings. It is not a hard science but a methodology that uses principles of geology and biology as well as technologies to measure this interaction. The first doctors who investigated these phenomena were European, the English Havilland, the German Freiherr, Dr. Hager, president of the Scientific Association of Doctors of Medicine of Austria, and the doctor Ernst Hartmann.

They began to study it because they observed a relationship between the stay of people in places that seemed geophysically altered and this caused disorders and diseases. Geobiology or habitat science seeks to find what can affect the health and well-being of people in certain environments. It can be done with methods of objective science or subjective science.

With the studies of objective science you can measure the soil by doing an analysis at different levels. At ground level it is measured by optical satellite reflection, thermal emissions, and digital elevation maps. At the level of medium flat floor, it is done through a radiometric study, gamma rays emissions. Hard rocks can be detected by magnetic emissions. With regard to continental Geobiology, maps of gravity can be made; continental fractures are observed in the earth, superficial and deep. And the surface analysis is done with indicators of geopathic anomalies. The environment of a space can be done through spectrum analyzers, sound tests. And the cosmic radiations, through an arrangement of capacitors that measure; the differences of gravitational influence in specific places.

Using a trained body for it, through subjective science, we can also detect some of these phenomena. Different cultures across the globe have found water and metals using rods, dowsing and dowsing.

The tools they help are amplifiers of what the body is processing. A pendulum, rod or any other element does nothing but amplify the signal that the human body captures and with an inner work any person can develop that sensitivity.

What is sought in geobiology with the help of geomagnetometers, electric and magnetic field detectors and variations of natural radioactivity is to find the best location of a person in their habitat and thus avoid placing it in areas of harmful influence that could cause harmful effects in your health.

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