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Article 15: Electricity and magnetism: longitudinal waves and transverse wave.

There are three types of waves. The electric transverse waves or hertzian waves. Scalar waves, electric longitudinal waves or teslas waves and magnetic longitudinal scalar waves or vortical waves.

Longitudinal waves are waves whose propagation direction is parallel to the direction of vibration. They move from right to left generating compression and expansion (or rarefaction) movements like sound waves.

Tesla with his experiments. This is possible by extending Maxwell’s field theory for electric field vortices. These so-called potential vortices are able to form a structure and propagate in space by their particle nature as a longitudinal shock wave. This concept is based on the vortex model of the transverse waves are waves that their direction of vibration is perpendicular to the direction of propagation, they move from top to bottom, generating a crest and a valley, the movement of electromagnetic radiation. They do not need a means of propagation.

There is the electric field in its longitudinal direction and the electric field in its transverse direction. But there is also the scalar or longitudinal magnetic field and the transverse magnetic field. DNA and biology use this scalar magnetic field. This has been tested in different experiments by the German scientist Dr. Konstantin Meyl. The signal that is sent by fractal Nature to a particular biological organism is using magnetic scalar waves.

There are two types of vortices to generate a tornado. One that contracts, and another that expands. The vortex that is contracted forms the structure and in electrical engineering only reference is made to the expansive vortex, not the contractive one. So Dr. Meyl describes and explains this contractive vortex which is the one that biology uses to communicate. In Maxwell’s theory the contractive vortex is given a value of zero to ignore it from the formulas and obtain successful results. However, its value in Nature is not zero, since the human being uses these scalar magnetic vortices in the brain to store information, in memory, in nerves, in DNA. The reading and writing of information is done using magnetic scalar waves. You always have a vortex from within that expands and one from outside that contracts. This is how tornadoes form.

Dr. Konstantin Meyl (DNA and cell resonance, 2011) investigated that resonance occurs when we have the same frequency of the opposite phase angle (between the transmitter and the receiver), if we have the same modulation and the same curve shape. These 3 conditions are necessary to have resonance. This is the reason why the so-called “junk” DNA is so necessary for resonance and for the creation of synapses of neurons that generate about 80 millivolts.

Organic chemistry is organized in toroidal systems and ring systems because it uses them to emit, store and receive information. Biophotons communicate in the ultraviolet light range. In the DNA the horizontal axis is magnetic, the electric axis is the one that points towards the helix and the helix moves at the speed of light. This is interacting with other electric or magnetic fields in the environment. In human tissues, we have the speed of sound (1470 meters per second that is half of the resonance of water) and that is the reason why cells and animals exist thanks to water. Water is necessary for communication because life begins when two cells are communicating with each other.

When we measure electromagnetic waves in the human body we are not actually measuring the actual electromagnetic signals but a signal that reflects the signal sent. When we control the DNA with a spectroscope we see that the speed of light is detected and we obtain a frequency that is 260 to 280 nanometers. These 260 nm is exactly the condensation of DNA in a cell that is compressed from 2 meters.

The speed of sound in the air is 243 m / s. If we consider the 260 nm of the wavelength of the DNA and calculate the sound frequency, in the scalar field of vortices that my body is producing, the frequency is between 2.5 and 2.8 GHz. The microwave works at 2.4 GHz and is very close of this result. Thus the mobile phone that uses the same frequency as the field that emits the DNA. This frequency is used by mobile devices, WiFi, cordless phone, bluetooth and therefore they are in communication with our biological window.

When I use a mobile phone, it emits electromagnetic waves that go through my brain. These waves pass through it and activate vortices of information that are changing the properties of it, this has a biological effect and is important because DNA acts as an antenna that feeds and feeds the brain information. Therefore, the greater the use of mobile phones, the greater the noise in the brain waves since the brain is trying to interpret the signals emitted by the device without success, the undesired result is brain fatigue and the loss of attention. DNA is an antenna composed of rings and vortices. When a CT scan is used, very strong magnetic fields and high frequency signals are used. At 1.62 times the speed of light the vortices remain stable, this is called neutrino radiation.

The faster they are the stronger they are, they become more stable and do not fade. Nature has used many control systems to prevent destructive signals from touching us.

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