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Article 16: Mapping of geobiological phenomena and scientific measurements.

The geobiological phenomena that can be detected or observed in a field are underground wells, geological fractures, vegetation, rocks, cliffs, rivers, lakes, roads, magnetic north and other elements of the subsoil that can cause local electromagnetic alterations in the vertical such phenomena, such as changes in the levels of environmental radiation. In the vertical of these phenomena emanate, by the law of minimum resistance, a whole set of energies coming from the subsoil, strong gamma radiations and even radioactive gases. This has ionizing effects on the atmosphere of the surface, and also influences the magnetic field of our environment, causing variations of different magnitude.

Groundwater currents, aquifers, water pockets, sinks and seepages fill cavities in the subsoil and circulate through underground galleries, but also occupy the pores and cracks of the subsoil. Its presence under the ground we tread diminishes the value of the Earth’s magnetic field and increases the gamma radiation (radioactivity), in addition to causing intense variations in the ionization of the air. Its area of influence is based on the size of its flow: the larger it is, the wider the area affected on the surface will be.

The telluric phenomena that can be detected for further evaluation are the spiral of vortices, the cosmoteluric path, concentric lines, currents of underground rivers, telluric current, positive and negative path, positive and negative telluric point for organic life. The telluric networks both in their positive and negative polarity that can be mapped are the Red Hartmann, Red Curry, Red Peyre, Red Palm, Red Wissmann.

With very trained people, it could detect subtle phenomena such as interdimensional doors, spheres of tubular connection, magic squares, magic barriers, as has been well researched by the Swiss architect and geobiologist S. Cardinaux for over thirty years. Needless to say, the measurement of these last subtle phenomena does not correspond to a scientific perception and is subject to the perception of the dowser and therefore lends itself to charlatanism in the vast majority of cases.

In all cases a bioenergetic value is established for this. We can also find environmental radioactivity from rocks and soil materials, which can often result in large concentrations of radon gas, a highly carcinogenic substance, according to the World Health Organization.
What is sought with a geobiological study are the set of geophysical factors that can influence our habitat, and the variations in the magnetic and electric field of our environment. Since our vital organs function through electromagnetic mechanisms, the electromagnetic variations in our daily environment interfere with our vital rhythms and can weaken or strengthen our health.

If several of these geopathogenic factors are combined, such as a groundwater stream, a Hartmann line and a Curry junction, the harmful effect of the area will be much greater. We also have to observe radioactivity, which is a natural physical phenomenon that occurs when there is no correct balance between protons and neutrons in the atomic structure of any substance. The French physicist Henri Becquerel discovered this phenomenon in 1896 when he noticed that certain uranium salts spontaneously emitted radiations and veiled the photographic plates wrapped in black paper. Later, the Curie couple found other radioactive substances such as thorium, polonium and radium. Marie Curie received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903, and was the first woman to obtain such an award for her studies on radioactivity.

We live in a radioactive environment. We get natural radioactivity from the sky (cosmic radiation), the air we breathe (containing carbon and can contain radon gas) and soil (where there may be uranium and thorium). Our body also contains radioactive elements: for example, it needs potassium to survive and we get it from common salt. However, natural radioactivity becomes a risk to our health when it increases to a degree that our body is not prepared to assimilate. Frequently, high levels of radioactivity are recorded in our daily environment due to the mineral composition of the subsoil in localized areas. The land we walk on or on which our homes are built may have granite, clays, etc., which have a high concentration of uranium. This mineral is also present in certain construction and decoration materials, such as some types of ceramics, or certain types of cement.

In its natural decomposition process, uranium emits radon gas, which is officially classified by the WHO as the second cause of lung cancer in the world. The result is that our home or office can register high levels of natural radioactivity and radon gas without our being aware of it, since the gas radon is odorless, tasteless and invisible. The environmental radioactivity can be detected and measured very easily with a Geiger counter, which locates the radioactive particles in the environment and measures the number of pulses of electric current produced by said particle. There are also simple methods to detect and measure radon gas concentrations in the environment. The first precautionary measure that we must take in this situation is to ensure the correct daily ventilation of the affected property, especially at ground level, which is where the highest concentrations of radon gas occur.

Exposure to low frequency radiation such as those found in high or medium voltage lines and transformers or spaces with a poor physical ground connection is much more common than we think. This is one of the main causes of sleep chrono-disruption. This chrono-disruption can cause damage to any level of the immune, hormonal or endocrine system with consequent health consequences. Continuous fatigue, irritability, morning headaches, restless sleep, can be the voice of alarm to this type of exposure. This radiation can be measured with a low frequency electromagnetic field spectrum analyzer.

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