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Article 17: Shape waves and cardiac coherence measurements.

The human being has a physical body and can develop two subtle bodies: the electromagnetic body and the gravitational body. The electromagnetic body has been extensively studied by modern science from Dr. Kirlian and bioelectromagnetism. The human heart emits and receives electromagnetic waves as does the brain and each of the glands of the endocrine system.
The HeartMath Institute wrote that “the heart is a sensory organ that acts as a processing center that encodes information and allows it to learn, remember and make independent functional decisions.” More than twenty years ago, the institute studied these phenomena with much precision. This human biofield emits its frequency waves and reverberations appear in its environment with the same logic as that of the sound repercussion of waves in octavation. The first octave occurs from the skin boundary to 9.25 meters, the second octave to 15 meters and the third octave to25.3 meters as indicated by the geobiologist S. Cardinaux.

In dowsing, the Bovis biometry is commonly used, the units of which do not correspond to frequencies in Hertz but to Units of Bovis (UB). These measurements are not scientific because we have done many tests with different expert dredgers and generally do not match their readings on the same object or place. What they measure is the compatibility of their electromagnetic field with the field electromagnetic of the object or space.

A possibility of objective science to see the relationship of a place, stimulus or space with a particular person, be it a visitor or an inhabitant of it, is to measure cardiac coherence. We know that cardiac coherence increases when the stimulus is positive and decreases when it is negative. If there is a higher level of harmonic inclusivity in cardiac and cerebral coherence, we can conclude that this stimulus benefits that person at such a given moment. In dowsing, it is the relationship that we can evaluate not the object itself.

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