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Article 18: Hartmann Reticle.

The Hartman Network is a north-south radiation, apparently magnetic, and an east-west radiation, perpendicular to the first and of electrical appearance. They are rectilinear radiation, so they cannot be caused by the different telluric influences, such as the composition of the soil or the presence in the subsoil of faults or underground water currents (which are always sinuous and furrow the earth’s crust following a variable path) , depending on the soil accidents.

They cover our planet with a network that marks square neutral zones, compartmentalizing the ground and rising in the atmosphere.

The Hartmann lines are walls of electromagnetic energy emanating from the subsoil and extending vertically up to a height of 2,000 meters, they are everywhere, both in flat terrain as in the mountains, in the water, outside and inside the houses. They are oriented according to the geomagnetic poles. Its intensity and density are very variable, depending on innumerable factors such as the time of day and atmospheric changes. A constant of about 21 cm thick is established. Parallel arrangement at intervals of 2.5 m in the north-south oriented. Parallel layout at 2 m intervals in the east-west orientations. Their harmony or distortions show us the degree of balance or imbalance of a place or its alterations in a certain moment. The thickness of the lines can range from 21 to 80 cm during a solar eclipse or up to 120 cm during a seismic movement. Its layout has multiple undulations, contractions, various accidents and even occasional interruptions (Cardinaux: 2016).

The Hartmann lines form invisible vertical walls that cover the entire surface of the Earth. These energy frames have an effect at a considerable height and go through any type of material, so they affect both the ground floor homes and those of a floor 20 and above. In areas where the grid intersects, especially geopathogenic zones are formed, that is, with potentially harmful effects on health if they stay there for many hours a day.

It owes its name to Dr. Ernst Hartmann, a graduate in Medicine from the University of Heidelberg, Germany, who studied in depth the relationship between disease and telluric radiation. As a doctor, Hartmann found that a high percentage of death among his patients was directly related to geopathies, which is, having lived for a long time in areas with intense natural radiation. To study this phenomenon, Hartman made more than 150,000 georithmograms and compared the levels of electrocutaneous body resistance in patients who stayed each day for a while on geopathogenic zones and those who were in zones free of geophysical alterations. The results confirmed the differences in reaction between those exposed to geophysical alterations and those who rested in neutral zones. Staying too long in the vertical of some of the Hartmann lines and their crosses is related to alterations in the immune, endocrine and hormonal systems.

This can translate into discomfort and imbalances such as insomnia, chronic fatigue, muscle aches, states of anxiety, hyperactivity, nervousness or depression, and even an increase in the incidence of certain degenerative diseases. If the presence of a Hartmann crossing coincides, in addition, with some other geophysical alteration such as faults or currents of groundwater, the geopathic effect of the area in question is multiplied.

There are three irradiation zones. The first are the “walls” in length. Its intensity is too weak to bother the human being. In any case, sometimes the radiesthetic information reveals a harmful activity in its vertical, coming from interference between the asymmetries of the subsoil and the Hartmann network itself. The second are the neutral zones. It is the part delimited by the “walls of the grid”. Inside, the biological constants of the individual are more harmonized; it can be said that it is a particularly beneficial area, where the lost energies can be recovered.

The third are the Hartmann crosses. These are the intersections of the lines of force of the network, which form 21 cm side panels, where the energy is more intense, it becomes noticeable and can be harmful according to the polarity of the line. In addition to being generators of diseases when said crosses coincide with veins of groundwater, geological faults or some other type of underground disturbance.

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