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Article 1: The macrocosmos and our planet earth.

We find ourselves embedded in the planet Earth that is floating in space / time and wrapped in the gravitational force of the Sun travels it with an average speed of 29.8 km / s, that is 107,380 kilometers per hour. A tremendous speed we do not perceive. In turn the Sun moves within the galaxy at an average speed of 220 km / s, converted at kilometers per hour, there are 792,000! We move really fast in our human velocity parameters, however, our range of sensory perception prevents us from being aware of it.

If we draw this motion we will realize that the planet does not revolve around the Sun describing an elliptical orbit. This conception that accompanies us from small is erroneous. Why? Because the Sun is also moving over the Galaxy, which leaves us with a pattern of spiral motion where the planet Earth never returns to touch the same physical place. A terrestrial year or a return from Earth to the Sun is never a return. It is a transfer from a point to another point in space. A completely different place. If we visualize this idea we would project it as a spiral spin, a caduceus of the planets making a vortex in space.

This allows us to understand three fundamental concepts: matter, space, time. The three concepts are inseparable. They are intimately imbricated and depend on each other. We can metaphorize matter as the planet Earth, that physical point that rotates in space. Space is the physical place in which matter rotates. It is a matter of lower density. It is not a place devoid of matter. It is less dense matter. And time is the turn. Time is the act of rotating. It is the transformation of matter as it advances in space. In such a way that these three concepts are not abstract. They are always physical, material.

It must be introjected that everything in the Universe is made of the same substance but with different levels of density. Imagine a sea made with different viscosities but evidently the whole sea is composed of water. In real physics that sea, that substance, is made of 70% dark energy, 26% dark matter and 4% of matter like with all the stars, planets and ourselves.

Thus the planet “matter” rotates in space “less dense matter” and creates time “transformed matter”. Time can be seen physically in the matter. It is not an abstract concept. It is a physical fact. The planet Earth when turning produces an electromagnetic field of toroidal form (like an apple) very powerful that protects the atmosphere and with it the organic life, that very thin layer where we live.

It is as thin in proportion as the thickness of an apple peel is in proportion to the whole apple. On this layer we live the vast majority of known living beings. The magnetosphere collides with the solar wind and generates a sphere of plasma in the Van Allen belts that can be seen as the northern lights in the northern hemisphere and the southern auroras in the south.

In the magnetosphere we find the outer and inner Van Allen belts as well as the orbits of GPS satellites or geo-location satellites. There we find an immense amount of satellites that weave a network of artificial frequencies. On the surface of the planet Earth we find different reticles that have been discovered by scientists observers of patterns and constants. Looking for an answer to explain the reason for the location of gigantic monuments, temples or areas of space / time distortion have ventured into mapping possible geometric routes that weave the terrestrial mosaic.

A terrestrial grid is a functional structure that reflects patterns with a specific arrangement between its elements and their relationship, giving a sense of order, coherence and information. Captain Bruce Cathie, a prolific pilot and researcher from New Zealand theorized about the harmonic patterns of reticular pulse on an octahedral template. Dr. Hurtak, philosopher and social scientist raised the existence of an icosahedral grid that connects areas of space / time distortion. Also, the renowned designer, architect and visionary B. Fuller, designed an icosahedral grid to visualize the planet Earth. The essayist R. Hoagland, describes a tetrahedron circumscribed in a sphere, where if we have its vertices in the North pole and in the South pole they cut the sphere in the latitude 19.5 degrees respectively.

Three Russian scientists, N. Goncharov, V. Morozov, V. Makarov, worked directly to create an icosa / dodecahedral grid and published it in the scientific journal “Khimiyai Zhizn” (Chemistry and Lifetime). William Becker and Beth Hagens in their book “The planetary reticle - a new synthesis” published this work and fractalized it. They made a geometric pattern where they obtained 62 important planetary points. These new lines and points fit with the fracture zones seismic and oceans lines as well as global high and low atmospheric levels, migratory patterns of animals, anomalies, gravitations and even ancient cities.
The Dr. in Sciences E. Ortiz proposed a deca-delta grid to locate archaeological zones and important human settlements. In his book “Sacred Geometry Network of Christ Consciousness and Power Centers, 1997” he describes each of these places in detail. Based on the decagon, which is the projection of a dodecahedron, and the golden triangles that arise from it, it found reticular harmonics at 144 degrees, of fundamental importance to explain zones of information exchange.

When designing geometric reticles we seek to find the best agreement with physical phenomena, discovering the invisible network and geometric pattern that weaves them. In this way, the location of each of its vertices is made indiscriminately to fit in the best possible way the set of strokes. Thus we have different types of reticles based on their level of fractality and geometric origin.

In this way, various places of military or political power on the planet have been strategically located to access these grids. Such is the case of the Pentagon in Washington, USA, which is located as a point of the fractal dodecahedral network with the objective of transmitting waveform information to it. It is no coincidence that the largest number of military bases of different governments and nations are located in the nodes of these networks.
There are different terrestrial layers that make up our planet. From higher to lower level of density and geometric complexity, the five elements are directly linked to the five Platonic solids and the five human toroids.

In such a way that the fire corresponds to the barisphere, the most dense (the core of the planet) and is related to the tetrahedron at the geometric level and the sexual torus in the human being, the biochemical and electromagnetic attraction. The earth element corresponds to the lithosphere (the crust) and is linked to the hexahedron at the geometric level and the motor toroid, the mobility and immobility capacities of the Human Being. Air as an element is linked to the atmosphere, to the octahedron and intellectual torus or the capacities to synthesize and analyze rational information. Fourth, we see the water element related to the hydrosphere and the icosahedron with a link to the emotional torus in the Human Being, that is, the capacities to make an energetic movement.

Emotion means withdrawing or moving something that one gets out of his usual state. And finally, the Ether, or the wood element for the Eastern tradition, is linked to the Biosphere, the dodecahedron and the instinctive toroid, the physiological reactions of the body.

Much remains as human beings to discover the planet in which we live. There are diverse and conflicting hypotheses about the layers that make it up. From a solid inner core in geodynamic and geostatic models to the hypothesis of a black hole or cosmic singularity in the center of the planet. Literally to black / white hole as an energy source. A singularity that serves as a link with other singularities in the cosmos. The physicist N. Haramein supports this hypothesis as he published it in 2013 (Nexus, number 89, 2013).

In the renowned journal Science (vol.344, 2014) we find that scientists have found evidence of an ocean below the earth’s crust. The study carried out by researchers from Northwestern University and the University of New Mexico have concluded that there is a body of water three times larger than our oceans located in a strip of 410 to 660 kilometers below the earth’s crust and which is connected to the oceans The study also indicates that the water is not in the typical liquid, solid or gaseous state but is trapped in the rocky mantle contained by a blue mineral called ringwoodite. This mineral has a structure similar to crystal that acts as a sponge trapping the liquid.

By inscribing a double tetrahedron in a sphere, it cuts it at latitude 19.5 degrees North and South. And it is precisely in this latitude where we find in the planets areas of implosion / explosion of energy as well as cosmic anomalies that are difficult to explain if we do not consider geometry as the guiding axis of the Universe. On planet Earth the latitude 19.5 degrees is related to the movement of magma. We found the highest volcanic activity in this latitude, the Mauna Loa in Hawaii, the Transversal Volcanic Sierra in Mexico, the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacán Mexico; the archaeological zone of Dzibalchen in Mexico, Georgetown on Grand Cayman Island, Mount Emi Koussi in Chad Africa, Mount Kalsubai in India, mountain near Xiangkhoang Laos, mountain near Potosi, Bolivia, Yasur Volcano on Tanna Island in Vanuatu , Mount Samuel in Australia, Mount Gweru Zimbabwe in Africa.

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