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Article 2: The tetrahedron and Teotihuacán.

In the book “The mysteries of the Mexican pyramids” Peter Tompkins shows us the images and writings of the history of the work of the American engineer Hugh Harleston Jr. who spent 25 years mapping relationships in Teotihuacán. Harleston concludes that the message fundamental of the Teotihuacan is that the physical universe is tetrahedral from the microscope level of the atom up to the macroscopic level of the galaxies in a scale of vibrations in which the human being is in the center. The human being can then build, as Platon and Pythagoras suggested the tool to unlock the geometry of the Cosmos.

The city of Teotihuacán expresses in its mathematics the structure of a tetrahedron inscribed in a sphere and also does it if one puts a tetrahedron inside the terrestrial sphere in such a way that its vertex coincides with the South Pole, then the points of intersection of the other vertices are at latitude 19.47 degrees north aligned very closely with Teotihuacán and with the volcanic corridor of the transversal sierra in Mexico.


This fundamental geometrical aspect of space / time appears in many examples related to the energy dynamics found on other planets.

If we make a cross section of the Transversal Volcanic Sierra we see how the energetic dynamics of it corresponds to a sequence of nested toroids where the movement and subsequent volcanic formation takes place. Seen in plan or cut the toroids dictate the logic of energetic expansion emanating from the tetrahedron that locates them.

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