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Article 36: The Force of Gravity exists in the Quantum scale, in the smallest.

One of the most important questions in science is whether the same force that we call gravity on a large cosmological scale is the same on the quantum atomic scale. To arrive at a solution of the quantum scale for gravity, a group of scientists led by N. Haramein realized that the proportion of the volume with regarding the surface of “plancks” (or PEU) in the cosmological gravitational holographic model, it must be inverted in the quantum scale, in such a way that the content of information on the surface is divided by the amount of Planck information within the volume to define the mass of the proton.

In simple terms: when calculating the severity of a cosmological black hole, we take its total volume of energy / mass and divide it between its surface (load radius or horizon event), which tells us that the information inside an object has in outer space / time (the rest of the universe), this is defined as gravity.

When we calculate the gravity (or mass) of a proton, we invert this and take the information from outside on the surface we perceive, and divide it by the internal volume (the holographic or universal quantity). The proton has the special property of having an internal vacuum fluctuation equal to the mass of the visible universe. Therefore, we are taking our perceived perception of an instant from a proton and dividing it by its internal volume in Plancks. This allows us to understand their individual mass as mass / energy or gravity in relation to all other protons in the Universe, according to the Resonance Project Institute.

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