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Article 37: Gravity is the product of a whirlpool; the implosion / explosion are from a bull pipe.

Due to Einstein’s work, gravity has been seen as the result of the curvature space / time; however, there was no definition for space / time and its composition. We now know that space / time is like a sea of small vortices or vortices composed of spherical Planck oscillators spinning coherently in longer structures.

This spin of coherent patterns occurs simply by changing the density gradient in the vacuum from universal size to quantum size, and where there are eddies there are curvatures or gravitational forces. To visualize it, let’s think about the terrestrial atmosphere, where small changes in the temperature gradient (also based on density) create wind storms and coherent rotating vortices that form hurricanes and tornadoes.

Therefore, this eddies, composed of rotating oscillators on the Planck scale, are the source of mass (the proton) for all matter in the Universe. Protons by themselves, as subatomic particles that make up the nucleus of atoms, are held together because these small Planck eddies produce gravitational forces that are extremely strong very close to the surface (load radius or horizon event) of the proton that literally holds the nucleus together.


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