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Article 38: Fundamental harmonics of the Planck scale.

In the scientific article “Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass” by the author N. Haramein endorsed by the Resonance Project Institute, it is proposed that from the analysis of the holographic mass and the paradigm of unified physics very specific fundamental relationships appear. There are ~ 10 ^ 40 Planck units on the surface of a proton. The difference between the radius of the universe from ~ 10 ^ 27 to ~ 10 ^ 28 cm and the radius of a proton ~ 10 ^ -13 cm is also of the order of ~ 10 ^ 40 to ~ 10 ^ 41 (10 ^ 27/10 ^ -13 = 10 ^40). Also as we have already seen, the difference between the holographic mass of a proton~ 10 ^ 14g and the rest of its mass ~ 10 ^ -24g (which we can understand as the difference between the strong force and the gravitational force) is ~ 10 ^ 39. Furthermore, the difference between the holographic mass of the proton and the mass of the universe ~ 10 ^ 55g is ~ 10 ^ 41.


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