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Article 3: Flower of Life and the Planck Spherical Units.

The pattern of the Flower of Life is a very well-known symbol in the history of mankind. Essentially considered to be a symbol of the source pattern and the origin of life because its pattern is related to the mitotic cell division. Regardless of the name given, this symbol has been found in different cultures around the world.

This is the same pattern that emerges when the Planck Sphere Units are both covering the volume and the surface of a proton. Many cultures have used this matrix which indicates a transoceanic knowledge since ancient times. In addition, this symbol is the two-dimensional representation that gives us the space / time solution for quantum gravity and the mass / energy of matter and could lead humanity to the control of gravity and energy production in some years.

Much can be said and speculated about cultures around the world, including Egyptian, Chinese and Mayan about the references of “sun gods” who came to Earth long before the modern era, bringing the knowledge and technology used to create structures such as pyramids and megalithic temples throughout the planet. Something is true; at this moment on this planet we do not have the technology to do it. Not even the largest machines can build something similar, or even lift and accommodate stones of that size with that precision. How it was done in the past is speculation. The reality is to know what was done with a technology and knowledge that we are now rediscovering.

B. Fuller extrapolated the Isotropic Vector Matrix from a packing of tangential spheres where the center of each sphere is at the vertices of the tetrahedral and the spheres touch each other. That means that each tetrahedron has a sphere around it that fits in the points of intersection of the tetrahedrons. The boundaries of the sphere overlap and are circumscribing the tetrahedral, creating lobes or petals as in the Flower of Life in 3D.

As a result of this overlapping configuration, the packing of spheres fills the entire space. Physicists usually describe the unit of measurement of three-dimensional space with a cube. However, it seems more natural to use spherical units since it is the most usual geometric form found in the nature of the Universe.

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