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Article 43: The hexagonal and triangular symmetry: the Vector Balance.

When six spheres are wrapped around a central sphere, a hexagonal pattern emerges. This pattern can extend outward, increasing the number of spheres of each while maintaining the hexagonal symmetry. When the centers of the spheres are connected, a triangular pattern appears, based on a hexagonal symmetry.

From the hypothetical 2-dimensional plane of six spheres around one, we packed six more spheres and arrived at a three-dimensional arrangement of 12 spheres packed around a central sphere.

What in different currents of spiritual, religious and mystical thought is represented as the Anointed One and his twelve disciples or demigods. Connecting the centers of all the tangential spheres creating a geometric shape called cuboctahedron, or what B. Fuller called the Equilibrium Vector. I call him that in 1940 recognizing its unique property of being the three-dimensional geometric arrangement where all the vectors are radiating from the center and are around the circumference and all have equal length, therefore they are in equilibrium.

Being in perfect equilibrium, all fluctuations are canceled, thus making it “invisible”, resulting in what Fuller refers to as the conceptual “zero phase” of all energy dynamics. “The Vector Equilibrium, is the reference of the true zero of the energetic mathematics (...) the zero phase of the inherent conceptual integrity in the positive and negative asymmetries that propagate the differentials of consciousness “(Buckminster Fuller, 1975).

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