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Article 46: Cymatics, the science of transforming sound into geometry.

The science of cymatics visually demonstrates the way in which sound shapes matter. Cymatics is the study of the phenomenon of waves, and was rediscovered in the sixties by the Swiss scientist, Dr. H. Jenny. Their experiments showed that, if fine powders, sand and steel shavings are placed on a sheet of metal and a vibration of acoustic waves is applied, these particles are organized in concrete patterns. The different substances are concentrated in the sinuses or depressions of the acoustic waves, highlighting in this way the place where the sound is denser. These surprising patterns, also known as Chladni figures, configure, in the case of harmonious sounds, geometric symmetric mandalas. In some cases they are not symmetrical; however, their contemplation is fascinating.

Western modern science provides some evidence regarding the power of sound over the configuration and transformation of matter; what constitutes the foundation of its curative capacity. We know with all certainty, as the ancients also knew that the entire Universe is made up of atoms. Each atom is formed by a nucleus (neutrons and protons) and an electron or electrons that rotate at great speed around the nucleus. The number of each of these particles differs according to the nature of the matter. The spinning motion of the electrons causes a compass or cadence that creates a wave; a wave that can be distinguished by our human perception as a form or matter. Whenever cadence, wave and form coexist, sound is produced.

If we compare the distance of the electrons to the nucleus of any atom, we will discover that it is proportional to that of the Earth to the Sun (approximately 160 million kilometers). In other words, what our human senses perceive as matter is nothing other than a set of resonant electromagnetic fields closely linked and interpenetrated. In short, a dense manifestation of sound (with a lot of interspersed space). All matter is sound and emits sound, although these sounds are, for the most part, outside of our limited physical sense of hearing. Our physical body, therefore, is also resonant electromagnetic fields, as is our electromagnetic field.

We are always vibrating constantly. Each molecule, cell, tissue, organ, gland, bone and fluid of our bodies has its own coefficient of vibration. The same goes for each chakra and each stratum of electromagnetic field, or aura. These points and energy fields are of equal importance to the physical body, although less dense. In a certain sense they reflect the state of the physical body although, what is more important, the physical body reflects the state of the electromagnetic field.

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