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Article 47: Magic squares .

We have seen repeatedly that the symbol of the Earth is the square. This geometric figure with four equal sides is the expression of the concept of Quaternary and immediately transmits the idea of order, harmony and balance between the different tensions of its parts, which are combined and neutralized at a common point where they emanate in a similar way. Permanent (González Federico, 2003).

We also know that the square in the three-dimensional becomes a cube, and it is evident that this body constitutes a symbol of the solid and a clear example of what a structure is. All these mental images are immediately associated when working esoterically with the square that is the representation, on the plane, of the Earth, taken this word in its broadest sense, namely: the space-temporal coordinates (vertical and horizontal) in where the human being is inscribed, those that also signify and symbolically limit the figure of the square. In traditional civilizations this figure was sacred - as its complement the circle - for being a transmitting and receiving symbol of the force-energies of the unknown, to which it manifests, being the repository of a powerful magical charge, capable of being transformed and used for various ritual and cosmological purposes.

Almost all peoples and traditions have used these magic squares and have considered them as instruments of knowledge, as powerful talismans capable of ordering and also of unleashing the undefined energies and forces that constantly they are articulating the Cosmos. The most definite of these mandalas, present, among other traditions, in China, in Islam, in Jewish esotericism, and equally among the adherents of the Hermetic Tradition, is what we give below, called the magic square of 15, or natural square, in which the sum of the numbers from 1 to 9, inscribed inside the boxes, (whether done vertically, horizontally or diagonally) always gives 15. By way of illustration we will say that the Chinese civilization derived from this structure the social and political organization of his empire.

Also in the Hebrew Kabbalah these numbers are supplanted by the corresponding value letters, opening the field to all sorts of images and concepts related to words and their roots, which is equivalent to working with the Science of Names.

The alchemists also associated four ways of constructing this square numerically, with the four elements, and linked it with the three essential principles - salt, sulfur and mercury - (it has three columns), which in a continuous dance produce the illusion of matter. Astrologers have also worked with these squares laden with numeral symbols, alphabetic and cosmogonic, and have associated them with planets and the map of the sky (as well as alchemists with metals).

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