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Article 50: Primal design element: five functions .

Of the five elements related to the five platonic solids or the five basic conscience toroids (sexual, instinctive, motor, emotional, intellectual) we have to link the design for the selection of materials according to the nature of the same. For example, if we are going to build a building that needs to be oriented towards the intellect, be it a bank, a library, etc. what we would do is take as a base the air or metal element that corresponds to the octahedron and use steel structure or metal finishes. Always taking into account to avoid generating a Faraday cage as it happens with the excess of steel grid that is used in the cast concrete. Faraday cages uncouple and reduce the electromagnetic resonance of what is inside that space. Once the element is selected, the project will be potentiated with the previous one in the construction cycle of the elements. In this case we would include in the project up to a third part of the previous element that is land or hexahedron. This way you could use a steel building structure and finished walls or floors in clays or earth. The earth element is essential to nourish the air element.

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