Arqka Biological Architecture and Sacred Geometry

Excerpt from the book "Arqka Biological Architecture and Sacred Geometry" by Arturo Ponce de León, Ninón Fregoso and Michael Rice Acquire it here

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Article 52: Studies of people and diagnosis of the terrain.

Two types of studies were carried out: to the persons in charge of the project and to the land as such. First a bioclimatic study of the terrain was made, analyzing temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation and prevailing winds, being able to identify the positive and negative climatic aspects, in relation to the influence on human comfort. This allowed us to establish the most appropriate design strategies including architectural configuration, building systems, orientation and sun protection.

Knowing the physical characteristics of the environment, it was decided which construction materials they were the most convenient to use.

Subsequently, a conceptual analysis was made where we found different analyzes such as psychological analysis, astronomical analysis, astrological analysis, astrophysical analysis, archaeometric analysis, numerological analysis and geometric analysis of the people in charge of the project. This allows us to foresee possibilities on what will be the internal and external behavior of the project. It is impossible to predict the future but it is possible to study and know some of the internal traits of the people who lead a project to glimpse possibilities of emotional, intellectual, sexual and spiritual structures in the present that can configure scenarios in the future. What is sought is to bring to the light of consciousness those archetypes and scenarios to transform them into the best version of them and add possibilities of action.

We are dedicated in these studies to know the client as the project, the geometric bases, the stabilizing geometric structures, numbers and power patterns, the range of harmonic colors, the color enigma, the environments and appropriate combinations to generate design styles, the plants, flowers, trees, stones, metals and perfumes that will give stability to the project. From these studies we propose a symbology, logo, applications in stationery and personalized mandalas as geometric shapes for meditation.

One of the most important studies is the study of sacred geometry and cosmotelism since given the characteristics of the project in its spiritual context and the orientation towards the energetic regeneration of the people who will visit it, a primordial emphasis was placed on creating a biological capacitor that was able to regenerate the electromagnetic field of people and space. Within the studies of cosmotelism, geological fractures, underground rivers, implosion points, explosion points, ley lines, Hartmann reticle, Palm reticle, Peyre reticle, Curry reticle, Wismann grid with the help of a German team specialized in the detection of high and low frequency of the electromagnetic field both in its geostatic dimension and in geodynamics.

From these measurements in the field, they were processed with software developed especially to detect the places where the greatest constructive nesting comes together of waves. The software operates with the base algorithm of the second Fourier derivative. That is, we look for where the electromagnetic waves are braided and generate higher harmonics and those are the ideal places to locate both the point of implosion or central point of development and the best spaces to inhabit. It is what metaphorically is called the “heart of a place”. In the land there were several points that could be used and it was decided by the one that was better suited to the architectural development as a whole. From this point the appropriate geometries for it were woven. The ideal date to start the construction was determined through the archaeoastronomical study, making astronomical shifts where the dates of birth of the owners are combined with the dates of legal constitution of the company, resulting in a specific day and time to increase the aspects positive aspects of the project as a whole. Recall that the stars weave cosmic macro geometries in a fractal way as they advance in their temporal evolution.

It was determined to design based on the geometry of the pineal gland and the geometry obtained by the transformation of the sonic harmonics of the 22 chakras, using monochromatic light as a means of revelation. With the extraordinary work of the cymatics, each of the frequencies of the chakra was correlated and that exact vibration was transformed by physical means into a geometric mandala-like image. The ultimate goal of the project is to facilitate the nutrition of the human body’s electromagnetic and gravitational bodies.

A study of the system of the 22 human chakras was carried out. The central proposal of the project is the construction of 22 rooms each linked to the human energy system of the 22 chakras. To this end, specialized studies of cymatics were carried out, transforming the real sonic vibrations of the frequency of each of the chakras, thus obtaining the real geometric shape, color, musical note, numerical tone, crystal, element, aroma and constellation. Each of these chakras was used for the design of each room in its overhead lighting, in the design of specific interiors and colors as well as in the geometric shape woven with metal alloy under the floor of each space.

Another analysis carried out was in the permaculture study. This consists of a design system for the creation of regenerative human environments, using the inherent qualities of plants and animals combined with the natural characteristics of the landscape. The permaculture study carried out allowed us to know the ideal location of central elements of the design in relation to the elements of life, the location and integration of physical elements such as water, earth, fire, air; as well as the production of food, the supply of energy, landscape design and the organization of social structures.

The location and implementation of greenhouses, wetlands, biofilters and natural pools, green walls, edible forests, biological corridors, silvopastoral areas and vegetables were made. It was determined the main connection to biological corridors and what to plant to eventually have trees with sufficient height to promote this corridor. The direction of the prevailing winds, the pathways that generate dust when the cars passed by, and the location of neighboring crop fields that are sources of dust and agrochemical contamination were located within the air study.


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