Arqka Biological Architecture and Sacred Geometry

Excerpt from the book "Arqka Biological Architecture and Sacred Geometry" by Arturo Ponce de León, Ninón Fregoso and Michael Rice Acquire it here

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Article 52: Architectural plans.

On the whole floor we can observe the central point, the heart of the space represented by a ceremonial fire, a double ring of seeding of the duplex rooms. Inside the design we have a base geometry three, on the outside a base eight, as a result of the previously developed conceptual analysis. The location of the other rooms arises from the fractal geometric template developed for the entire project.

In addition, it can be observed that the route of the pedestrian paths arises from the prolonged spirals and we also notice the presence of the conifer in narrower ways interconnected each quarter with the rest and generating spaces for sowing aromatic plants and flowers. The water flows from west to east through the natural slope, for that reason a wetland was located on the western border followed by a wetland that gives view to an auditorium and existing villas. This water can be used to supply the supply demanded by the rooms.

There is a wetland on the northern border that is supplied by the stream that runs along the north face of the land, and another wetland on the Northeast border that is supplied by the water collected from the pond. A pond next to the watchman’s house that, collects water from roads and ditches. It was decided to leave the parking area at the entrance of the land and away from the lodging area to have as much distance as possible from visual and auditory contamination.

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