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Article 5: The mesocosmos and biological architecture.

Between the infinitely large, the macrocosm, and the infinitely small, the microcosm, lies the cellular world, the mitochondria and with it human biology. For decades physicists have established a mathematical and geometric model that divorces the small and the gigantic. For the great, the cosmic world, formulas and theories are used that are opposed to the infinitely small, the quantum world. Some tend to order, others to chaos. Theoretically they are irreconcilable because they are raised from the bias of the observer.

However, thanks to the theoretical and experimental advance of the physics of unification, we now know that they are the same model, they are integrated by the same structural dynamics: the toroid. And two expressions arise from both, the electromagnetic energy and the gravitational energy. It does not take a PhD in science to observe that Nature in the small, medium and large uses the same geometric structures. Toroidal movements, spiral movements, fractal nesting. The proportions and dynamics are the same even if the size changes. The gravitational attraction exerted by the Sun by the planet Earth is the same gravitational attraction exerted by the proton by the electron. And in the middle of the scale, conceptually, we meet human beings with all our culture and our constructions. The central, core question is: why we do not duo the constructions reflecting this same structural dynamics of Nature? At what point do we disassociate ourselves from these matrices?

The central proposal of the Biological Architecture is to link ourselves to this energetic flow by means of the use and imitation of the dynamics and structure of the Geometry of the Nature, the Sacred Geometry. Biological Architecture is the state of the art to design and build with sustainable geometry raising the level of harmonic inclusivity of the electromagnetic field and the gravitational field of Nature in relation to the Earth, the Human Being and the Cosmos. It is a design system for the creation of transcendental geometric spaces. Recover, imitate and transcend the design patterns that Nature uses to sustain an electromagnetic field quality of greater interconnection. Fractality is the science that sustains this design.

The best way to generate fractality is through Sustainable Geometry, formerly called Sacred Geometry. This fractal geometry can be used in three spheres of design: the sphere of the conceptual, the sphere of the imaginary and the sphere of the real.

In the sphere of the conceptual we find intellectual abstraction through symbols or archetypes of a given culture. In the sphere of the imaginary we find the manifestation of a sensory image, semi or emotion coming from a culture or as a design proposal. Finally, in the sphere of reality we observe an imitation of the geometric processes of natural creation of life in the cosmos.

Sustainable Geometry is a path that helps us understand who we are in a harmonious relationship with our environment. It is a guide to the center of our essence. Everything in the universe is interconnected and beyond the illusion of independence and separateness, we can observe patterns, codes and structures that organize the material universe. So far as we open ourselves to perceive with less judgment - less intellectual molds, we become more useful to Nature, through the harmonious design of our space or the manufacture of more complex eco systems.

As we described in the book of the Power of Life in Sacred Geometry and Biological Architecture (Ponce de León, 2008, p.6), “Sustainable Geometry is the study of the mathematics of life. It is a metaphor for the ordering of the universe: the study of the proportions, patterns, systems, codes and symbols that underlie as the eternal source of life of matter and spirit. Sustainable Geometry is the fingerprint of Creation. It is the genesis of all forms of life. We live in a semiotic universe, which is, built from meaning processes. We elaborate these meanings based on codes, structures, languages and symbols. Nature also has its own language, geometric language. Sustainable Geometry is the code that Nature uses to create life. “We find in different cultures that these laws, these codes, have served to reproduce the harmony of the universe in different manifestations in architecture and in the design of spaces.

All movements obey different patterns. The science of Geometry Sustainable is the Science of Implosion and describes these through forms, structures and proportions. It is a universal language based on the innate laws of nature and is an excellent complement for any architect, designer, or person involved in the harmonization of spaces.
Every culture and society, since the beginning of time, has had its own version of the synergetic interrelation of these patterns. Now we know the exact geometry of the perfect embedding that is the real key to regenerative architecture. To truly understand Sustainable Geometry we have to understand that everything in the universe is made of energy and that this energy is in a continuous state of transformation. What we see, touch and feel as “real” contains the 0.0000001 of “matter”, the rest in an atom is energy, and they are electromagnetic and gravitational fields interacting with everything else. All the actions obey different patterns, and the Sustainable Geometry describes these laws through forms, figures and proportions. This knowledge gives you the opportunity to see the total image of a space and its relationship with the people who live it.

To design coherently with the Physics of Nature we must learn the geometric language. Know what is the structure and dynamics of the universe in which we live. This structure is a cube-octahedral matrix that, when compressed, generates an icosa-dodecahedral matrix. And the dynamics of the Universe is the dynamics of the toroid. Different physicists over time have scrutinized with intuition and reason the essence of the structure of the Cosmos. It is very important to know the advances of this paradigm and the vision of Unified Physics as opposed to the vision of modern physics that tends to the separation of the micro, meso and macro cosmos.

Unified Physics is the scientific basis for understanding why it is so important to design in accordance with the microcosm and macrocosm in both mathematical proportions and geometric designs. The vision of Unified Physics manages to integrate the infinitely small, the quantum universe, with the infinitely large through the universe of stars and planets. The missing piece in this integration is to build architectural spaces that fit into the logic of Nature and emerge from the chaotic design of houses and cities that have managed to give us shelter and shelter but have not managed to unify with Nature or with fractality their electromagnetic fields . Proof of this is the growing destruction of natural resources to feed megalopolises, increasing waves of violence and disarticulation of human ties.

This is a reflection of an electromagnetic field disordered and disconnected from the rest of the Cosmos. Both the microcosm and the macrocosm are organized as a double toroid. The branch of modern physics that studies the microcosm (atoms, subatomic particles, quarks) is Quantum Physics. The branch of modern physics that studies the macrocosm (stars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies, etc.) is the Physics of Relativity, the Einsteinian physics. In the middle of the scale we have the cellular level, the level of human biology, with its architectural constructions that most do not fit with geometry or with the dynamics of the microcosm and the macrocosm, except for some exceptions such as temples and modern constructions. At what point do the spaces in which we live give us shelter, protect us from the elements but disconnect us from the natural flow of electromagnetic and gravitational energy that happens as communication between the atoms, the cellular mitochondria and the galaxies?

Human DNA is an antenna that captures an immense amount of waves coming from the microcosm and the macrocosm. DNA is not only a biocomputer of protein programming but a device that receives and transmits impulses following the logic of wave mechanics. As the physicist N. Haramein says “looking for human consciousness in the brain is like wanting to find the speaker on the radio”. When we design and live in places that have the same geometric logic of Nature, we link to that flow of information coming from the atomic nuclei and the galactic nuclei, from the black / white holes that exist at the center of everything. Poetically we can quote B. Pascal who said “the universe is an infinite sphere whose center is everywhere and the circumference in none”. From the original Latin: “Deus est sphaera infinita ciuis centrum est ubique, circumferentia nusquam.”

To understand Biological Architecture we have to understand the basic principles of quantum physics, the dynamics of electrons, virtual photons and fractal mathematics. Biology is by definition electric, magnetic, photonic, static / dynamic, trivectorial and chemical. Voltage, amperage and resistance are the basic variables to understand electro-biology. Without these three variables, the energy architecture is incomplete.

The voltage (force to move the electrons), amperage (number of electrons), resistance (difficulty or ease of the material for electrons to move), capacitance (ability to store potential electrons), inductance (opposition of a conductive element), oscillation (fluctuation of circulating electrons) are concepts that can be applied to any material under construction to determine its characteristics around the fractality of it.

There are three types of information transformation: genetic - cyclical, precise and small -; epigenetics - which connects point A with point B and metabolic - long, adaptive. Subatomic particles can transmit and receive virtual photons, which are photons that exist for a short period of time in relation to the photon of origin.

Each cell in our body emits more than 100,000 pulses of light or photons per second. These light emissions that are emitted by everything that is alive are called biophotons and are the governing mechanism behind all biochemical interactions. They have been measured since the seventies by the biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp. In classical models of chemistry and physics, light is emitted when an electron is excited to a higher state of energy and then degrades to a lower energy state and this happens any time a chemical reaction occurs.

Traditionally, biology and medicine have focused on the biochemical reactions between proteins, DNA and other molecules within the cell. Either way, a biophoton is always emitted before each biochemical reaction. Without the biophoton signal, there is no chemical reaction; they are the control system of all the biochemistry that occurs in the body and in everything living. That is why building with living materials has a very positive impact on human health. Literally, living in a house made of natural materials emits biophotons and these are absorbed by living organisms, as evidenced by the research of the candidate for the Nobel Prize in Medicine on the micro tubules E. de Robertis.

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