Arqka Biological Architecture and Sacred Geometry

Excerpt from the book "Arqka Biological Architecture and Sacred Geometry" by Arturo Ponce de León, Ninón Fregoso and Michael Rice Acquire it here

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Article 69: Geometric Analysis of Projects carried out by Michael Rice.

The Fox

The dyad represents the duality that arises effortlessly from unity. It is the yin and the yang, the convergent and the divergent, the positive and the negative. It can be expressed in many ways, such as the intersection of two equal circles (Vesica Piscis) with a wave / curve that incorporates a tangential relationship between two radial harmonics of Phi. The energy signature of this geometry is bridge, interconnection, possibility. The sensation within these spaces has been described as tending to harmony and balance.

The map reflects a generous family home that houses four bedrooms. The curved long geometric design of the house ensures an interesting play of light, movement and heat while the rooms follow the path of the Sun.

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