Arqka Biological Architecture and Sacred Geometry

Excerpt from the book "Arqka Biological Architecture and Sacred Geometry" by Arturo Ponce de León, Ninón Fregoso and Michael Rice Acquire it here

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Article 69: Geometric Analysis of Projects carried out by Michael Rice.

Squaring the Circle

The circle is the oldest known symbol and represents the unit, the source, the main engine. This geometry contains and generates all other forms. The circle is very inclusive, very contained and powerful, and when expressed as a single room it can feel very intense. When the circle forms the matrix pattern of a single dwelling, the resulting spatial configuration gives rise to a design that sustains life, following the circular path of the Sun and accentuating the natural flow of a living and vibrant environment. This four-bedroom family home is based on a circle within a golden rectangle. There is a lobby central circular where the rooms radiate.

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