Arqka Biological Architecture and Sacred Geometry

Excerpt from the book "Arqka Biological Architecture and Sacred Geometry" by Arturo Ponce de León, Ninón Fregoso and Michael Rice Acquire it here

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Article 73: Geometric organization of management and use of power.

We can think of the five Platonic solids and the five forms of community organization with respect to their axis of attention, but for a community to prosper, we need, as we have said before, a point of implosion / explosion. A zero point. When this zero point is a person and dies, normally, the community dissolves. When they revolve around the code of values, they have the opportunity to transcend in time. Something is true, the social dynamics that are generated in a community are much faster to question, change or freeze the universe of inner meaning in each person. Groups of multiple mirrors are generated, where the healthy psychological aspects of the members are mirrored with the same rigor as the sick psychological aspects. This triggers an endless number of well-directed emotions that generate a positive individual and collective change, but misdirected generates greater chaos, confusion and internal and external imbalance.

Think of geometric scenarios of geometrized social configuration. A circle / sphere with an axis at the center would be a community where there is a leader or a leading principle and all members have the same distance, the same right, responsibilities and obligations with respect to that center. It would be a little permeable community, with clearly defined rules and well-structured systems. In this system, the communication that would be sought is consensus. And consensus, unlike agreements by majority vote, is produced by consent among all the members of a group, that is, all the voices have to be represented in the final decision. Dynamics of communication very complex slow, enriching and sometimes inappropriate for making effective technical decisions.


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