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Article 7: The isolated vision and the neoliberal model.

The isolated vision that currently dominates the scientific paradigm can be characterized by these considerations. The universe and all the material objects within it behave like a machine; the analysis of this machine is done through successive reductionism of all its components in smaller and smaller parts; there is no underlying organizational structure, therefore, there is no need to consider one within the fundamental model of science; the process of organization within the universe is only through random events and interactions; there is no innate intelligence or life within inorganic matter, essentially making a dead universe; the direction of evolutionary systems is always towards a decreasing order and toward dissolution; the objects are separated by empty spaces and therefore inherently disconnected; the vacuum of space is devoid of energy.

Fundamentally, this isolated view represents a random universe with no underlying organizational pattern that is inevitably directed towards disorder and is like a dead machine that can be studied by dismembering it.

That has been the dominant scientific paradigm in past centuries and thus the true nature of reality is perceived. The constructions and the “modern” designs follow this line of thought. The values of the isolated paradigm lead us to live the behavior we observe in the current world. Neoliberalism in one of its highest expressions.

Conceptualizing in a reductionist way and conceiving matter as dead, leads us to contaminate and destroy ecosystems in the name of resource extraction, manufacturing and distribution without concern for major systemic consequences. In addition, it fills us with a feeling of disconnection that permeates our societies, causing a lack of reflection that it does not matter what we do to ourselves, to others or to Nature. We lose the sense of interconnectivity and totality and as a result we lose the sense of integrity and care while pursuing the meaning of success in materialistic and financial terms. For the vast majority of people, accumulating digits in electronic bank accounts has more value than all of life on the entire planet.

Dominance and control lead us to create artificial human limits on nation-states and hierarchies of political authority, including continuous wars with astronomical military budgets and arms financing as well as an economic gain / loss model that creates an inequitable distribution of wealth. The prevailing neoliberal model finds its resonance in architectural forms devitalized and devoid of a coherent electromagnetic field. Both structures, economic and architectural, resonate and grow.

Furthermore, in this disconnected vision many of the most prominent and prominent scientists who propose a fractal vision of the exploration of reality have been suppressed, ridiculed or killed. For example, Nikola Tesla is the inventor of the alternating current that has made our electrical world possible, although his extensive understanding of the energy source and how to distribute it wirelessly to any part of the planet became a problem for the financial interests and for corporations that could not take advantage of this economically. His technological investigations and experiments were deliberately stopped by withdrawing funding and he was isolated from the scientific community for the rest of his life.

Royal Rife investigated the use of resonant electromagnetic frequencies that could destroy cancer cells and other bacterial and viral pathogens proving to be highly effective with close to 99% success. He was briefly celebrated by his companions as a pioneer of medical science, but soon after was abruptly closed and publicly discredited by the powers and authorities in the medical profession. He remained penniless and discouraged for the rest of his life.


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