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Article 9: The cuboctahedron is the ideal geometry of balance.

The same author in his article “Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass” describes with mathematical rigor the link between the immensely large and the infinitely small: Quantum Gravity. Connected vision, fractal vision, connected vision, mesocosm and macrocosm are interconnected by the same logic of the division of space / time in a geometric matrix of the root of the fractal cuboctahedron and organized in double toroids nested by a cosmic singularity (white / black hole) in the center of each subatomic particle, atom, mitochondria, star, galaxy. What is visualized is what we see as “matter” but it is not the place where the water spins faster. There is no difference in “material” between a whirlpool and the rest of the water. Everything is the same substance with different densities and flow characteristics.

The paradigm of the physics of unification affects our vision of science, art, architecture and design since it crosses us subjectively to remind us of Nature. This vision can be characterized as follows: the universe and all energy / matter is composed as a unified system; the analysis is by understanding the fundamental patterns of the whole that are synergistically expressed in fractal repetition at all scales; the information / energy interaction happens holographically through both; the process of organization includes an inherent shift of feedback / anticipation through the fractal and that of the holographic matrix; this feedback exhibits an ever evolving reflective intelligence throughout the cosmic micro and macro system, that is, the conception of a living universe, as described by the Physics Physician E. Sahtouris in her article “A Tentative Model for a Living Universe “

The direction of the evolutionary systems includes a balance between an increased order and a diminished order; the space “between” objects is filled with a vast potential energy that connects all things.

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