What is
The Biological Architecture?



It is the state of the Art

To create energy and maximize the life force in the interplay of space and human beings who inhabit it. It is a set of principles that determine which symmetries or electromagnetic field qualities allow biological structures can thrive.

Who developed the concept of Architecture Biological?

In 2006 ratifying the 1st International Congress on Biological Architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico; Ninon Fregoso, Arturo Ponce de Leon, Dan Winter, Michael Rice and Oldrich Hozman develop the concept of Architecture Biological to build healthier spaces meeting the Sacred Geometry principles and sustainable design.

Where can I find more information

On Biological Architecture.


On the official website of Arq.Ka, who created a comprehensive system of four stages - the Arq.Ka Life System - linking the design in all its forms, both commercial and artistic architecture. here


On the official website of Psychogeometry who offer seminars since 2000 in the field of geometry, Arquitctura and Sustainable Design. psicogeometria.com


In Sacred Geometry University with a degree in Biological Architecture and Sustainable Design.universidadgeometriasagrada.com

Sacred Geometry Book

In the book "Sacred Geometry and Architecture Biological: The Power of Life"psicogeometria.com/libros.html

You tube

In the dozens of free videos youtube.com/user/psicogeometria


In the pages of students who are dedicated to continuing the work of invetigación in Spain, Argentina, UK, Germany, Prague, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Irelandwww.psicogeometria.com/equipo.html