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What is Biological Architecture?

It is the state of the Art To create energy and maximize the life force in the interplay of space and human beings who inhabit it. It is a set of principles that determine which symmetries or electromagnetic field qualities allow biological structures can thrive.

Who developed the concept of Architecture Biological?

In 2006 ratifying the 1st International Congress on Biological Architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico; Ninon Fregoso, Arturo Ponce de Leon, Dan Winter, Michael Rice and Oldrich Hozman develop the concept of Architecture Biological to build healthier spaces meeting the Sacred Geometry principles and sustainable design.

Where can I find more information On Biological Architecture.


On the official website of Arq.Ka, who created a comprehensive system of four stages - the Arq.Ka Life System - linking the design in all its forms, both commercial and artistic architecture.


On the official website of Psychogeometry who offer seminars since 2000 in the field of geometry, Arquitctura and Sustainable Design.


In Sacred Geometry University with a degree in Biological Architecture and Sustainable Design.

Sacred Geometry Book

In the book "Sacred Geometry and Architecture Biological: The Power of Life


In the dozens of free videos


In the pages of students who are dedicated to continuing the work of invetigación in Spain, Argentina, UK, Germany, Prague, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ireland


Arq.ka Consultants S. of R.L. is a Mexican company founded in the year 2006 that developed the concept of Biological Architecture to build spaces more healthy in compliance with the principles of Sacred Geometry and Design Sustainable.  We develop integral projects all over the world.  We give live to the secrets of the millenary constructions and link them with designs of vanguard.

We have created a comprehensive four-stage system - the Ark Life System – which links design in all its expressions, both commercial and architectural and artistic.  The objective is to give added value to the developments and projects to create a better quality of life in people and a harmony in the environment.

Since 2000 we have been offering seminars on the topic of Sustainable Geometry.

Our company arises as a result of the commercial demand that happen after presenting in Mexico, Latin America and Spain for the pedagogical work and of the founding partners.

Sustainable Geometry is one that explains the creation and sustainability of life and has been used millennially in all the large buildings that have had an impact on history and societies.


Arturo Ponce de León
Co Funder
Dan Winter
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Ninón Fregoso
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Michael Rice
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Design and create transcendental spaces that favor ecology and generate states of harmony well-being in the people who inhabit them.
Offering comprehensive projects, Biological architecture, sustainable and innovative generate surplus value, improve the environment and quality of life of those who inhabit them.

Life System

What is Arqka Life System?

Arq.ka offers the integration of an entire project giving general geometric, energetic, and magnetic, of forms, color and music with a wide range of services that ranging from the macro to the micro of a project.

This comprehensive system aims to create spaces that generate "life and order" (and therefore greater index of well-being).  The scientific research on which these studies are based is to the creation of certain geometric patterns that generate "Heterodynamic conjunction of waves".  This means that the architecture will benefit the inhabitants and the environment, by the mathematical proportions and the sustainable geometry that results from the studies.  This helps to generate a harmonious impact in the environment; generates health, harmony and well-being in populations and promotes harmonious integration with society.
The four stages of analysis, research and implementation of Arq.Ka Life System  are as follows:

Conceptual Geometry. Different studies of people and ground, graphic design, commercial development, coaching, release blocking and business consulting.
Reticular Geometry. Earth science, geometric matric and specific mathematics of the terrain.
Applied Geometry. Architectural design and design of based on previous studies.
Artistic Geometry: linked music, art and sculpture. that mathematically are related with each other.

Here is a brief description of what they mean each of the analyzes and studies which are taken into account in carrying out its project, to enable the development of the human potential and space within a project:

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Architecture Biological ArqKa offers integration of the whole project by giving general guidelines geometric, energetic, magnetic, shape, color and music as a wide range of services ranging from macro to micro in projects. It is designed from urbanization to stationery.

This comprehensive system aims to create spaces that generate "life and order", therefore a higher rate of welfare. Scientific research is based on these studies refer to the creation of certain geometric patterns that generate "conjunction heterodinamica wave".

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Biological Architecture

Biological Architecture is a set of principles that determine what symmetry or quality of an electric field allows biological structures to thrive.

The premise underlying Biological Architecture is that life responds best to designs and materials which are in accordance with nature and avoids forms and harmful materials as they undermine the electromagnetic charge, also called "charge of capacitance ".

The central concept that distinguishes Architecture biological is the concept of "biological capacitor".  A capacitor is a structure, composed of alternating layers conductors and insulators, capable of filling and emptying continuously the electromagnetic field.

If we plotted the movement of the electromagnetic field in a space for one day we would get a sinusoidal waveform, one of the forms that nature uses to create life.

The ultimate goal of Biological Architecture is to create fractal charge fields that are implosive.

A field of charge is a space delimited with certain quality of electromagnetic energy; and this field returns fractal when it meets certain characteristics which give the particularity of being self-referential.

The Science of Implosion is the Science of Life because the implosion is a way of bringing together different strokes, designs and proportions in such a way as to produce points of attention and therefore spaces of greater vitality.

These two concepts are crucial to being able to do authentic transformations in the spaces.  So from simple: in a place built as a capacitor seeds germinate 33% more than in one space built as an artificial accumulator.  Imagine what happens to us when we live in these spaces: our life force decreases.

A fractal is a form where each of its parts is contained in the whole; it is an object whose basic structure is repeated in different scales.  It is a universal concept that is used to describe how the micro relates to what macro.  The concept of fractalness may be applicable at different scales. Here is an example of the old chart of the city of Prague: a rose.

An ideal example of this concept is found on the petals of a rose, which unfold at the long of the golden ratio and which are fractals, this means that they are able to interfere with destructively and attract life-force to the center or point of implosion.

The DNA molecule is in the form of Dodecahedron, a geometric figure built with twelve pentagons, and this allows Life to continue. Imagine that we take that geometric basis, with its proportions, distances, sizes and measurements and we moved to the design of an assembly plant.

What we get is Implosion Science, that means, the science of how a space designed with the principles of Sustainable Geometry can generate greater life force, harmony and peace throughout guiding. Graphically we can see it here:

These principles can be applied from the first design of a plane to totally complete by means of a remodeling of interior that allows to raise the "Level of Fractality" of the place.

The level of fractalness is measured by evaluating the materials, layout and orientation of the construction as a whole. We can see a brief example of a list of materials from at least fractal at the most fractal below

Le Corbusier with its two metrics-blue and red-obtained from the height of a human being average and golden cuts managed to capture an uncountable number of designs with rectangles aureus arising from let´s say the cuts, formed a matrix.

 Imagine what you can design, build and project knowing not only the application of a matrix of golden rectangles but a set of laws, proportions, constants and forms that would give you the possibility of greater richness of context, greater abundance in the possibilities of acting in the spaces.

At lower level of fraternity less life force, the higher the level of productivity, efficiency, lucidity, peace of mind, ability to focus, and wellness.

Below we can see the comparison of one plant of the set elaborated with the concept of “Artificial Accumulator" and the huge difference in terms of Sustainable Geometry of a plant developed in accordance with the principles of a “Biological Capacitor" proposed for a Spa Hotel in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, developed by Arq.Ka:

The Science of Implosion, the science to dispose spaces reading the terrestrial reticles from the macro to the micro are known to those who they design spaces of power in the planet.

An example of this we can see in the provision that the Washington Pentagon has regarding to the dodecahedral grid of the planet.  The angle, the size and layout of this structure is determined by the conjunction of different elements. Let's see:

The principles of Biological Architecture are applicable beyond the "style" or "technique" used for the design of space or harmonization of places.

No matter what trend you are focusing on project, Sustainable Geometry is applied to any kind of shape and construction because what used are certain numerical values, proportions, shapes and grids that can fit your design.

Sustainable Geometry
In Architecture

Sustainable Geometry, also known as Sacred Geometry, is a way that helps us to understand who we are in harmonic relationship with our environment.  It is a guide towards the center of our essence.  Everything in the universe is interconnected and beyond the illusion of independence and separateness, we can observe patterns, codes and structures that organize the universe material.

To the extent that we open ourselves to perceive with less judgment, we become more useful to the Creation, by means of the harmonic design of our space or eco-making complete systems.  This presentation will introduce you to the principle behind the attention directed to the compassion, and you will allow this awareness to be creating sacred spaces, in our hearts and in our homes.

Sustainable Geometry is an allegory of the Ordination of the Universe: the study of proportions, patterns, systems, codes and symbols that underlie as an eternal source of life of matter and spirit. We live in a semiotic universe, built from processes of significance.  We elaborate these meanings based on codes, structures, languages and symbols.

Nature also has its own language, the geometric language Sustainable Geometry is the code that Nature uses to create life.  We find in different cultures that these laws, these codes, have served to reproduce the harmony of the universe in different manifestations in architecture and in the design of spaces.

All movements follow different patterns.  The Science of Sustainable Geometry is the Science of Implosion and describes these laws through shapes, structures and proportions.

It is a universal language of truth based on laws of nature and is a great complement for any architect, designer, or people involved in space healing.

During the Congress we will explore the useful practice in spatial design, a fusion of Geomancy and Reticulate Science, integrating Sustainable Geometry and harmony of architecture and engineering in your work.

Every culture and society, from the beginnings of the times has their own version of the interrelation synergistic of these patterns.

To truly understand Geometry sustainable we have to understand that everything in the universe is made of energy and that this energy is in a continuous state of transformation.  All actions follow different patterns, and the Sustainable Geometry describes these laws through shapes, figures and proportions.

This knowledge gives you the opportunity to see the total image of a space and its relation to the people who live it.

Biological Architecture


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