Architecture Design

ArqKa Biological Architecture offers a whole approach and integration through geometric, energetic, magnetic, shape, color and music design with a wide range of services ranging from macro to micro guidelines. This comprehensive system aims to create spaces that generate "life and order" (and therefore greater welfare index).

These studies are based on scientific research where is stated that certain geometric patterns can generate "heterodynamic wave interference of waves." This means that the architecture will benefit the people and the environment, specific mathematical proportions and sacred geometry patterns that result from the studies are applied to the project. This helps to create a harmonious impact on the environment, generates health, harmony and well-being in people and promotes an integration with society.

The ArqKa Life System

The ArqKa Life System consist in 4 stages

1. Conceptual Geometry. Specific and personalized studies of the owner and client, graphic design, business development, coaching, release of blockages and business consulting
2. Grid Geometry. Earth science, mathematical and geometrical matrices in a specific terrain.
3. Applied geometry. Architectural design and interior design based on previous studies.
4. Artistic Geometry. Music, art and sculpture mathematically linked together.


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