Articles of Sacred Geometry and Biological Architecture

  1. The macrocosm and our planet earth
  2. The tetrahedron and Teotihuacán
  3. Planck Spherical Units and the Flower of Life
  4. A civilization that raises stones of thousands of tons
  5. The mesocosmos and biological architecture
  6. Two paradigms in the Architecture of the Universe
  7. The isolated vision
  8. Fractal vision connects the microcosm with the macrocosm.
  9. The cuboctahedron is the ideal geometry of balance
  10. The 2d only exists as a concept
  11. Evolution of scientific thought
  12. However, modern physics has a flat universe as a paradigm
  13. Where does the reductionist vision originate?
  14. Scientific measurements in Geobiology
  15. Electricity and magnetism: longitudinal waves and transverse waves
  16. Mapping of geobiological phenomena and scientific measurements
  17. Shape waves and cardiac coherence measurements
  18. Reticle Hartmann
  19. Reticle Palm
  20. Reticle Peyre
  21. Reticle Curry
  22. Reticle Wissmann
  23. Lines Law
  24. Schumann resonance
  25. Dolmen and menhir: feminine and masculine aspect
  26. Radiesthesia instruments: amplifiers of what the body captures
  27. The Dowsing Rods L
  28. The Aurometer or biotensor
  29. The pendulum
  30. The forks
  31. Microcosms and fractal science, The origin of Energy
  32. Quantum Physics
  33. The Standard Model of Contemporary Physics
  34. The Gravity of the macrocosm and the Quantum of the microcosm are united.
  35. The unit of measurement of the Universe are the Planck Units
  36. The Force of Gravity exists on the Quantum scale, in the smallest
  37. Gravity is the product of a whirlpool; the implosion / explosion is of a bull tube.
  38. Planck scale fundamental harmonics
  39. The Architecture of the Universe works by the geometry of a Toroide
  40. The Geometry of Space / Time
  41. The tetrahedron as the geometric minimum unit
  42. The Flower of Life and the Fuller Model
  43. The hexagonal and triangular symmetry
  44. The dynamics of the Universe is a cube / octahedron compressed in an icosahedron / dodecahedron
  45. BIOFRACTAL DESIGN PROCESS European, Hindu and phenomenological geometric order by contraction and expansion
  46. Cymatics, the science of transforming sound into geometry
  47. Magic squares
  48. Archaeological astronomical orientations
  49. Primary unit of measure: Planck length by the exponent of the golden ratio or by duplication.
  50. Primal design element: five functions.

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