2nd Congress of
Biological Architecture

Wales University, UK

2nd Congress

How to create spaces that generate higher productivity in people?
How to design buildings that reduce the phenomenon of global warming?
Maximize human potential in Space Design.
Research on Biological Architecture.
How inbcrementar the relationship of spaces with emotional lives of people?

No matter what your profession or you dedicate yourself, your participation in this program is you retrinuir on having one of the most advanced knowledge of science, architecture and harmonization of spaces and will provide the opportunity to apply these principles in your workplace, your home, your projects and contribute to a better environment.
Implementing the principles of Sustainable Geometry and ancestral techniques harmonization of spaces. Use and application of natural materials that reduce the economic and ecological costs in buildings. Saving energy and resource efficiency in homes. Bioclimatic architecture, sustainable communities, sustainable buildings. Materials that reduce electromagnetic pollution. How to create health in living with principles of Oriental architecture.

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