Biological Architecture,is the state of the art to create energy and maximize the life force in the interplay of the space and human beings who inhabit it. It is a set of principles that determine which symmetries or electromagnetic field qualities allow biological structures to thrive.

Who developed the concept of Biological Architecture?

In 2006 ratifying the 1st International Congress on Biological Architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico; Ninon Fregoso, Arturo Ponce de Leon, Dan Winter, Michael Rice and Oldrich Hozman developed the concept of Biological Architecture to build healthier spaces meeting the Sacred Geometry principles and sustainable design.

Where can I find more information on Biological Architecture?


In the official website of Psychogeometry who offer seminars since 2000 in the field of geometry, Architecture and Sustainable Design.

Sacred Geometry University

In the Sacred Geometry University with a Master degree in Biological Architecture and Sustainable Design.

YouTube Psicogeometría

In the dozens of free videos in Youtube
YouTube Psicogeometria


Book "Biofractal"

Biofractal the Science of Biological Architecture and Sacred Geometry

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Arturo Ponce de León

Founding Partner

Ninón Fregoso

Founding Partner

Dan Winter

Founding Partner

Michael Rice

Founding Partner

Andres Norberto


John Stuarth

Ingeniero de Sonido

Alejandra Caballero


Andrea Pozos


María Hernández

Interior Design

Miguel Perea

Graphic Design

José Luis G.

Costumer Services

Adamu Hernández

Fractal Art

Our Philosophy

Designing and creating spaces that encourage en transcendental ecology and generate states of harmony and wellbeing in people who inhabit them.

Offer comprehensive projects based on biological, sustainable and innovativearchitecture that generate goodwill, improve the environment and quality of life of those who inhabit it.


Arqka Life System

Arq.ka offers the integration of an entire project giving general geometric, energetic, and magnetic, of forms, color and music with a wide range of services that ranging from the macro to the micro of a project.

This comprehensive system aims to create spaces that generate "life and order" (and therefore greater index of well-being). The scientific research on which these studies are based is to the creation of certain geometric patterns that generate "Heterodynamic conjunction of waves". This means that the architecture will benefit the inhabitants and the environment, by the mathematical proportions and the sustainable geometry that results from the studies. This helps to generate a harmonious impact in the environment; generates health, harmony and well-being in populations and promotes harmonious integration with society.

The four stages of analysis, research and implementation of Arq.Ka Life System are as follows:

Conceptual Geometry. Different studies of people and ground, graphic design, commercial development, coaching, release blocking and business consulting.
Reticular Geometry. Earth science, geometric matric and specific mathematics of the terrain.
Applied Geometry. Architectural design and design of based on previous studies.
Artistic Geometry: linked music, art and sculpture. that mathematically are related with each other.

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Architecture Biological ArqKa offers integration of the whole project by giving general guidelines geometric, energetic, magnetic, shape, color and music as a wide range of services ranging from macro to micro in projects. It is designed from urbanization to stationery.
This comprehensive system aims to create spaces that generate "life and order", therefore a higher rate of welfare. Scientific research is based on these studies refer to the creation of certain geometric patterns that generate "conjunction heterodinamica wave".














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1ft Congress of
Biological Architecture

Iberoamericana University, México

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Wales University, UK



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