It is a powerful and innovative tool that revitalizes and remagnetiza water. The Imploder quickly revitalizes the water is easy to install, no maintenance, no moving parts, is highly effective, and produces amazing results.

Treating water with THE imploder

Creates a measured plant growth, increased seed germination and biomass in the fields and obtaining as a result higher yields best effect. With a minimal investment you can increase your crop production.

You can improve your quality of life right now!

Use it on all applications in agriculture, including hydroponics and greenhouses. Also in the food industry and health (effects of anti-aging), breweries, vineyards (for rapid fermentation), wastewater treatment, water purification, swimming pools, ice rinks, snow production, running water (use it in the bathroom, you will feel energized).
Can be used to increase fuel efficiency in hydrogen generation in the production of oil and seed storage dielectric conjunction related phase.


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