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Biological Architecture?


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Arqka, Bilogical Architecture founded in Mexico in 2006, developed the concept of Biological Architecture to build healthier spaces complying with the principles of Fractal Geometry and Sustainable Design.

We develop integrated projects worldwide that reveal the secrets of the ancient buildings and bond with cutting edge designs. We have created a comprehensive system of four stages - the ArqKa Life System - linking the design in all its scales and forms, both architectural and artistic. The aim is to give added value to the developments and projects to create a better quality of life in people and harmony in the environment.
Offering seminars since the year 2000 on the topic of Sustainable Geometry, our company is the result of the market demand that presented in Europe and Latin America by the pedagogical and didactic work of the founding partners.
Sustainable Geometry is one that explains the creation and sustainment of life and has been used thousands of years in all large buildings that have had an impact on history and societies.

Our Philosophy

Designing and creating spaces that encourage en transcendental ecology and generate states of harmony and wellbeing in people who inhabit them.

Offer comprehensive projects based on biological, sustainable and innovativearchitecture that generate goodwill, improve the environment and quality of life of those who inhabit it.

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We bring together the best professionals in the industry, allowing us to create anything you can imagine.


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We offer the most efficient services for your company, A new level.

Architecture Biological ArqKa offers integration of the whole project by giving general guidelines geometric, energetic, magnetic, shape, color and music as a wide range of services ranging from macro to micro in projects. It is designed from urbanization to stationery.
This comprehensive system aims to create spaces that generate "life and order", therefore a higher rate of welfare. Scientific research is based on these studies refer to the creation of certain geometric patterns that generate "conjunction heterodinamica wave".


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In order to provide a comprehensive service, we have the products you need for your projects for a better investment of your requirements.














Book "Biofractal"

Biofractal the Science of Biological Architecture and Sacred Geometry


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1ft Congress of
Biological Architecture

Iberoamericana University, México

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Wales University, UK


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