Arturo Ponce de León

Founding Partner, Architect, Psychologist, and Engineer.

Arturo Ponce

He was born in Mexico City. Graduated with honors Psychology degree for having the highest average of all generation and graduated with honors too degree in Architecture to present the university project highlights of his generation. He has advanced degrees in Telecommunications Engineering; He specialized in Design Databases; He is the author of 2 books and writer.

Before following his inner call to Sacred Geometry and Geometry Sustainable worked in major transnational corporations in the field of Systems Development and Satellite Telecommunications. To date, he is the founder of: • Psychogeometry Sacred in 2000 • Research Centre for Sustainable Geometry in 2004 • Biological Architecture in 2006 • The University of Sacred Geometry in 2010 He is an active international exponent of his knowledge and experience, through Universities, Congresses, Courses, Seminars and Symposiums for over 8 years, in different Europe, Central and South America Countries, as England, France, Asturias, Barcelona, Valencia, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Puerto Rico and continues to give interviews and radio imparting courses, in several of these countries.